Hover Systems/Eastern Shipyards Announce Air Cushion Vehicles Licensing Agreement

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Hover Systems, Inc. Eddystone, Pa., and Eastern Shipyards, Inc., Panama City, Fla., recently signed a licensing agreement whereby Eastern Shipyards will market and build a full range of Hover Systems air cushion vehicles (ACVs) for a multitute of maritime applications.

Hover Systems craft are capable of operating over open water and areas prohibited to conventional craft, such as shallow flats, grassy areas, sand bars, beaches, ice and land areas.

Brian d'lsernia, Eastern Shipyards' president, states that their marketing development group, managed by C.A. (Charlie) Hall, with experience in advanced marine vehicles, will head a program to target the commercial passenger, construction, oil and gas, governmental/ military and sports industries. Mr. d'lsernia and James D.

Hake, Hover Systems' president, indicated that the potential applications for specialized operations utilizing air- cushion vehicles are virtually unlimited. With this potential, Hover Systems operates the only USCG-approved hovercraft operators training school in the country.

Hover Systems retains certain exclusive USA master licensing rights from Griffon Hovercraft, Ltd., the U.K. hovercraft designer and builder. Hover Systems and Griffon have dramatically reduced the propulsion system noise factors through extensive testing, and with the use of advanced dampening materials approved by the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards and other regulatory agencies.

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