Newport News/lntelmach Introduce The IM (Intelligent Machine) Series

Artificial Intelligence, voice technology, and interactive video are now uniquely joined in a new family of affordable microcomputer-based authoring and application delivery systems called the IM (Intelligent Machine) Series.

Jointly offered by Newport News Shipbuilding, a Tenneco subsidiary, and Intelmach Corporation, the IM systems are ideal for developing and delivering training, consultation, diagnostic, and information kiosk applications. This sophisticated combination of hardware and software turns an IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, and compatible microcomputers into an intelligent workstation. The IM Series consists of three upwardly compatible models, each containing an expert system shell. The IM-1000 features voice output, high-resolution graphics and animation. IM-2000 includes these features and adds interactive videodisc technology. The most powerful system, IM-3000, has all the IM-1000 and IM-2000 capabilities as well as voice recognition and voice authoring. Versions cost less than $10,000 for the basic system models.

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