Saab's Computerized Cargo Handling System Selected By United Tankers Of Sweden

Saab's new computerized cargo handling system, the MaC/501, was recently selected by Swedish shipowner United Tankers for installation on its new product tankers. The two vessels have been ordered at the Uljanik shipyard in Yugoslavia (hull nos. 406 and 407) and are scheduled for delivery in 1993.

The ships are 70,000-dwt product tankers. They are to serve the Caribbean and American East Coast and will load and discharge frequently, hence the emphasis put on efficient cargo handling. Loading and discharging is dealt with at a work station in the cargo control room, where the valves and FRAMO pumps are operated by simply pointing at the screen with a light pen.

The cargo handling system is integrated with Saab's well-known level gaging system Tank- Radar. Levels in the 10 cargo tanks are read on the same screen as used for cargo handling. This means that the operator can top off the tanks with the utmost accuracy. The temperature sensors for the cargo tanks are integrated into the radar transmitters used for level gaging so as to avoid unnecessary cabling.

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