JJH Awarded Navy Pact For Design Services For Lead Minehunter Ship

JJH Inc., a naval engineering company, has been awarded a contract by shipbuilder Intermarine USA, Savannah, Ga., for the detailed outfitting design for the lead ship of the U.S. Navy's new coastal minehunter (MHC-51) Class.

To be named the USS Osprey, the minehunter will be 188 feet long, 36 feet wide and have a depth of 17 feet. She will have an anti-shock single- skin, monocoque-glass-reinforced plastic hull, and will be powered by two amagnetic Isotta Fraschini diesel engines driving two Voith Schneider cycloidal propellers. The design is a derivative of Intermarine's highly successful Lerici Class minehunters built for the Italian Navy. The class will form the basis for the low-risk proven high technology minehunter solution required by the U.S. Navy.

When completed, the USS Osprey will be commissioned to hunt and clear mines from U.S. harbors and coastal waters.

Intermarine USA is a joint venture of Intermarine SpA, Saranza, Italy, and U.S.-based Hercules, Inc. Intermarine SpA has successfully completed a total of 10 Lerici Class mine countermeasure vessels for the Italian Navy.

JJH, Inc., has facilities in Cherry Hill, N.J., Portsmouth, Va., Bath, Maine, Crystal City, Va., and Long Beach, Calif. For information on JJH's services, For free literature detailing Intermarine USA's facilities and capabilities,

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