Avondale Begins Construction Of Cargo Variant Ship

construction ship

In a brief ceremony recently, Avondale Industries' Shipyards Division began construction of the first LSD-41 Class, Cargo Variant Ship (LSD-49) to be named USS Harpers Ferry.

Scheduled for delivery in November 1993, the USS Harpers Ferry is the first of a five-ship contract awarded by the U.S. Navy on June 17, 1988. These ships are similar to the LSD ships 41 to 48, but have been reconfigured to accommodate a different cargo mix.

Avondale Industries is one of the nation's leading marine fabricators. In addition to its shipbuilding operations, the company specializes in boat construction and is a major repair contractor for commercial and Navy ships. It is also involved in modular construction of plants and components for a variety of landbased industries.

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