N a v y A w a r d s $ 9 7 . 5 - M i l l i o n Addition To Pe n n Ship For Third Fleet Oi l e r

The Department of the Navy has exercised an option under its current contract with Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Company of Chester, Pa., for the construction of a third fleet oiler of the T-AO- 187 Class. This $97.5-million award, added to the first two oilers that were ordered last year, brings the total contract value to approximately $320 million. The latest ship, T-AO-194, is scheduled for delivery in September 1990.

Work will begin on the new ship in October this year. The award of the contract at this time, however, allows Penn Ship to purchase materials and equipment needed for a three-ship program. More importantly, the new ship provides security of employment for the shipyard's work force through September 1990. The Navy has additional op tions under this contract for two more ships of the same class. These options can be exercised at any time between October 1,1986 and March 31, 1987.

The T-A0-187 Class is designed for the underway replenishment of Navy ships at sea.

Each is 667 feet 6 inches long with a beam of 97 feet 6 inches and draft of 35 feet. They will carry 180,000 barrels of fuel and are powered by state-of-the-art diesel engines of 32,000 bhp total, providing a service speed of about 20 knots. The Military Sealift Command will operate them with a Civil Service crew of 95 and a Navy detachment of 21. Penn Ship is one of the country's largest and most versatile shipyards, engaged in the construction, conversion, overhaul, and repair of all types and sizes of Navy and commercial vessels.

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